In June 2002 I achieved the degree "Master of Science in Engineering" (in Danish known as civilingeniør or cand.polyt) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

I started my studies at DTU in 1996 on the informatics preliminary four-semester programme where the main subject is computers.

I spent the Autumn 1999 at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as an exchange student.


These are the courses I have attended during my time at DTU. Please note that the links to the course descriptions for the first two semesters are to the descriptions from the following year, hence course numbers, names and descriptions may vary. This is because DTU only started publishing the course catalogue online in the Summer of 1997.

Autumn 1996

C0110 Advanced Calculus 1 (Matematisk analyse 1)
C0112 Linear Algebra
C0116 Discrete mathematics for Computer Science (Matematik for dataloger)
C4305 Functional Programming
C4306 Software Engineering (Programmelkonstruktion)
C0204 Scientific Computing 1 (Regning på datamater 1)

Spring 1997

C0120 Advanced Calculus 2 (Matematisk analyse 2)
C0205 Scientific Computing 2 (Regning på datamater 2)
C1521 Mechanics, E, Inf.
C2010 Basic Physical Chemistry (Komisk grinekursus)
C4307 Software Engineering (Programmelkonstruktion)
C8630 Introduction to Technology Analysis (Elementær teknologiforståelse)
C4312 Algorithms and Data Structures

Autumn 1997

01030 Advanced Calculus 3 (Matematisk analyse 3)
01227 Graph Theory
04040 Introductory Statistics and Probability
49156 Informatics Project (Informatikfagpakkeprojekt)
49270 Concurrent Programming
Java for Seniors
49407 Data Bases and Modeling

Spring 1998

01259 Algebraic Coding Theory
04030 Introduction to Operational Research (Introduktion til operationsanalyse)
49156 Informatics Project (continued)
67162 Elementary Graphical Communication (Grundkursus i grafisk kommunikation)
Project work: Databases on the World Wide Web

Autumn 1998

10012 Thermodynamics
49285 Advanced Algoriths
49233 Data Logic
49372 Distributed Systems
52251 Introduction to Teleapplications
52281 Telecommunication systems - structure and applications

Spring 1999

49253 Introductory Artificial Intelligence
49409 Automata, Formal Languages and Computability
83172 Basic Accounting and Budgeting (Regnskabslære og virksomhedsøkonomi)
Mid-way project at Department of Information Technology

Autumn 1999

(at McGill University)
189-348 Topics in Geometry
308-420 Files and Databases
308-507 Computational Geometry
308-547 Cryptography and Data Security

Spring 2000

10013 Electricity and Magnetism
04232 Networks & Integer Programming
49411 Real-Time Systems
Special course: Neural networks
Special course: Data Security

Autumn 2000

04251 Computer Graphics and CAD
49355 Knowledge-based Systems
85231 Business Economics

Spring 2001

52421 Data Compression

October 2001 - June 2002

Masters Thesis at Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Operations Research Section.

Job-shop scheduling and train scheduling

Supervisor: Jens Clausen